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Regular questions

How can you pay ?

In our shop you can pay by cash or any card ( visa, Mastercard ect..)

Do you have gift card ?

We are offering you 4 possibilities of gift cards, 10,15,20 or 30 euros with a one year validity.

Is our macaron gluten free ?

Macarons are always gluten free except if you have biscuits or anything with gluten on it.

Four of our macarons have gluten due to the decorations, but all the rest are gluten free.

But as we are not working in a gluten free area it may contain traces of gluten .

Is our macarons lactose free, dairy free?

Macarons itself are lactose free but the cream inside can be or not lactose-dairy free.

We are offering five different flavours lactose-dairy free, but as we are not working in a dairy-lactose free area it can contain traces of lactose-dairy.

How long can you keep the macarons and how to store them?

Our macarons can be kept five days in the fridge from the moment you buy them from us.

To have the perfect taste, you must take them out of the fridge 15-20mns before eating them so they can be at room temperature.

Do you do delivery ?

Unfortunately for the moment we can't offer delivery service .

Are you doing corporate or wholesale ?

We can do it please email us or come to visit us to discuss the possibilities.

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