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About us

Sebastien, chocolatier and pastry chef of formation, entered the world of patisserie at the age of 14. With his diploma in hand and his first 10 years of experience in Lille, in the north of France, he decides to leave his family to create different shops around the world. In Canada, in England, in Croatia or even in Portugal, he refines his techniques and inspires himself with tastes and local specialties to create his own universe.


With his wife and his 3 kids nowadays, who all work in the pastry field or in restauration, he shares his motivation for effort, precision and the delight of sharing his knowledge of French patisserie.

After all these years of dedication to patisserie in France and abroad, the family decided to dedicate themselves completly to the universe of macarons, which offers infinite possibilities! Where better than in the Netherlands? A country where gourmets and food lovers like to rediscover the pleasures of gastronomy in general, especially French patisserie.

And that is how Ohlala Macaron was born!


Gijsbrecht van Amstelstraat, 192

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